Ashley's Bachlorette Party Gets a Visit From The Dancing Bear!

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so much fake-id bitches 14 to 17 years old
I want to becum a dancing bear can anyone help me to do so!!!!!........
The title looks like it would be in one of those memes
Where do they get these thots from
. Tactical dot if anyone remembers the name
Its completely fine how many gives cheat on there misso on the bucks party so why cant girls do the same, I wouldn't be mad if my misso came home and show me a video of her doing this at a hens night
I came here for the bear and the bear only.
Imagine meeting a girl you really like and you start a relationship with this girl and about 1 year in you decide to watch porn and it's one of these videos and you see your girlfriend in the video with some black dude busting a fat one on your girlfriends face from years ago how disgusted would you feel I'd have to leave that slag Ladies please stay classy
that last chick is a porn star. i forget her name, but she does the mom son movies.